Monday, November 9, 2009

On the road again. and again. and again.

last week blew.
this week is better.
i am confused about most everything.
i look forward to my next meal pretty much all day.
i haven't seen any stars in the sky since tennessee.
i went to see Al Gore speak today, mostly because I wanted to see if he was still really fat.
he's not that fat.
when does meg arrive for thanksgiving?
this is my update, more or less.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Well not so much the holidays. But I am home. Nursing a bad sprained ankle and being loved on by Maryland. Some seriously solid quotes last night, my favorite minute-long snippet being:

Dad: Charleigh, go put on something nice. We're going to Texas Roadhouse!
[Charleigh, a picky eater and vegetarian, stomps off.]
Dad: Kaili, do you want a drink for the road?
Kaili: No, I'm good.
Dad: You sure?
Mom: Andy, stop, she's fine... You don't earn the right to drink and drive until you're married with four kids.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Things I love this week:

-Offering strangers gum. Great way to win friends and influence people at the end of an early morning flight

-Christina Hendricks' Mad Men sass. (below is a shot from her recent Esquire shoot...) hey girl HEY!

-San Francisco's Indian Summer (are we still allowed to say "indian summer"? I'm pretty sure our grandchildren will cringe and apologize to their friends when we say this in a couple decades. "please don't mind my grandma, she doesn't know better than to be old-fashioned and offensive")

-a month off! i need a plan... my Octobercation starts in only 1 week!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Warning: Gypsy On The Loose

I am a woman now.

You see, only Women have lipstick. And after hunting high and low and looking a lot like a tranny ho, I found My Lipstick.

I am 23 years old, and my generation doesn't really use lipstick. But something in me was crying out that I just HAD TO HAVE SOME.

Since I have, well, bold eyebrows, it can sort of scare small children when i wear other distinct colors on my face. But, thanks to my dear friend, Coco Chanel, I have discovered My Lipstick. And while I can't actually confidently wear it yet, it is empowering me to be bold and not care so much what other people think. And also, it helps to keep other people from drinking out of my In N Out milkshakes because the straw is so clearly marked as MINE.

The name of this little tube of pinkred delight is Gypsy Scarlet. I'm going to fill my weekend with lots of gypsy-like activities, including but not limited to wandering, dancing around tents and campfires, and ofcourse, pickpocketing.

I'll report back after this test run.

Monday, March 30, 2009

1996 4evr.

Let's start out with a lil True or False, shall we?

True or False? I just realized I've been wandering through the bowels of eBay for over 30 minutes. Looking for the perfect.... tamagotchi.  TRUE. I'm so ashamed.

Equally as frightening, my nappy-fabulous little sister, Charleigh, got her driver's permit today. Dear Lord.

But I have to say I feel bad for her. Probably one of the most annoying things in life is, when you get your permit or license, every single person snorts and says "Everybody get off the roads! Ha! Watch out!" As if it's the pun of the century.
The words seem to pour out before you even realize you're saying it. You can't stop. You know it's lame. I myself have fallen victim to this... But sort of like buying unnecessary things at Target or laughing when children fall- I want to restrain myself, I really do. 
I want to be able to leave a Target without a clearance tank top, a fifth pair of  sunglasses, and some Silk Egg Nog. 
I want to be concerned and deeply saddened when a wee tot takes a soccer ball to the face. But on second thought, if it means I can't enjoy a video like this, then no, no I don't. 

Congratulations, Charleigh! 'You hit the jackpot, mofo!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ocean beach

my darling sister visited me this past week. she's had better winters, and was ready for an escape from the drama and from the cold. California put on quite a show, with 70 degree days and a swell of waves that lured surfers from all over the world.

i was thinking of when baby sea turtles hatch on the beach, and they have to make that dangerous trek to the refuge of the ocean. christine and i are perpetually determined to get to the waves, as if our our lives depended on it, too. 

so, though the Pacific was so cold our eyeballs ached, there's just something irresistable about finally making it to the sea... something Home about sticking our small feet in the massive ocean that helps us to push life's Reset button. 

she's the best little sea turtle, and i want to spend my whole life headed to the beach, side-by-side with my sisters.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

new year, new you

I just celebrated my six-month anniversary at my first job, officially marking the longest relationship I've been in. Unless you count my really long Mind Marriage in the sixth grade. Mind Marriage, because my Mind Husband didn't know about our imaginary Marriage. He also probably didn't know about our imaginary ponies that he gave me on our imaginary 5 year wedding anniversary. (I was in 6th grade, gimme a break!) 
The basis for me loving this boy was that we looked practically idential. So much so that our Social Studies teacher, Mr. Higgins, sat us in the same row because he said we were twins, separated at birth. We had matching dirty looking tans and identical, straggly, Hanson hair, but most importantly: matching thick, black eyebrows. Scary ones you could braid. My heart just races even thinking about it. I guess that's when I realized I was a vain, vain woman- in love with a boy who was really just me, with the addition of an Adam's apple.
Anyway, in my six months as a working woman, I've been utterly drained, and sometimes inspired. I am freakin' grateful to start 2009 with  a job. Even more amazingly, I really like this job! Gasp! This general peace at work has snuck up on me, considering the swamp of stress I waded through for the first months of the job. 
But now, six months in, the honeymoon phase is over, but I'm actually still in love. And, well, that's way more than I can say about my ill-fated pretend marriage to the scrawny boy with the unibrow.