Monday, March 30, 2009

1996 4evr.

Let's start out with a lil True or False, shall we?

True or False? I just realized I've been wandering through the bowels of eBay for over 30 minutes. Looking for the perfect.... tamagotchi.  TRUE. I'm so ashamed.

Equally as frightening, my nappy-fabulous little sister, Charleigh, got her driver's permit today. Dear Lord.

But I have to say I feel bad for her. Probably one of the most annoying things in life is, when you get your permit or license, every single person snorts and says "Everybody get off the roads! Ha! Watch out!" As if it's the pun of the century.
The words seem to pour out before you even realize you're saying it. You can't stop. You know it's lame. I myself have fallen victim to this... But sort of like buying unnecessary things at Target or laughing when children fall- I want to restrain myself, I really do. 
I want to be able to leave a Target without a clearance tank top, a fifth pair of  sunglasses, and some Silk Egg Nog. 
I want to be concerned and deeply saddened when a wee tot takes a soccer ball to the face. But on second thought, if it means I can't enjoy a video like this, then no, no I don't. 

Congratulations, Charleigh! 'You hit the jackpot, mofo!"

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