Thursday, January 22, 2009

new year, new you

I just celebrated my six-month anniversary at my first job, officially marking the longest relationship I've been in. Unless you count my really long Mind Marriage in the sixth grade. Mind Marriage, because my Mind Husband didn't know about our imaginary Marriage. He also probably didn't know about our imaginary ponies that he gave me on our imaginary 5 year wedding anniversary. (I was in 6th grade, gimme a break!) 
The basis for me loving this boy was that we looked practically idential. So much so that our Social Studies teacher, Mr. Higgins, sat us in the same row because he said we were twins, separated at birth. We had matching dirty looking tans and identical, straggly, Hanson hair, but most importantly: matching thick, black eyebrows. Scary ones you could braid. My heart just races even thinking about it. I guess that's when I realized I was a vain, vain woman- in love with a boy who was really just me, with the addition of an Adam's apple.
Anyway, in my six months as a working woman, I've been utterly drained, and sometimes inspired. I am freakin' grateful to start 2009 with  a job. Even more amazingly, I really like this job! Gasp! This general peace at work has snuck up on me, considering the swamp of stress I waded through for the first months of the job. 
But now, six months in, the honeymoon phase is over, but I'm actually still in love. And, well, that's way more than I can say about my ill-fated pretend marriage to the scrawny boy with the unibrow. 


Holland said...

oh no WAY. this is what i've been waiting for, stories of unibrows. you know the way to my heart, kaili elaine. like you weren't already there.

Ginny Ficker said...