Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sara Bareilles and Other Perfect Things

I just think she's absolutely perfect, and am so thrilled to have discovered the album she recorded live in San Francisco.

Other things that are on my mind include:

1) Ireland
I am going for 2 weeks! I leave in 3 days. I have no idea what I am going to do. Thrilled! slash... oh crap.

2) Pussywillows, Honeysuckles, and Other Magical flowers
I found honeysuckles at work this week (like the ones here) and ate as many as I could grab. I think it would take about 492 honeysuckles to make a whole teaspoonful of honey/fairypotion, but still, it is an amazing treat. And since then, I've spent inordinate amounts of time imagining bouquets of pussywillows and honeysuckles.

Pussywillows and Honeysuckles.
I would probably re-name my blog that if it weren't so damn sexual sounding.

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Paintings on Silk said...

Great rendition. First time I noticed/heard this song sung outloud was by a bum in New Orleans during Halloween. It was one of those magical moments that New Orleans doles out. Anyway now I like hearing how different people do it.