Friday, July 18, 2008

margaritaville revisited

why hello there,
saw mamma mia: 11:25am showing equals i was the only one not cashing in on the Senior Citizen discount. i'm learning a LOT about senior living, and well, BRING IT ON.
had In-N-Out Burger for lunch. and a milkshake, obvi. which we decided was fat free beacuse the extreme thickness meant serious straw suction was required. which counts as working out. done and done.
dreamt about this for my new place, but realize my recent purchasing history means i risk soon becoming crazy bird lady. like from mary poppins.

BACK to Costco for another margaritaville machine [owner experienced malfunctions], and then home again for Test Run of the new beast.
this thing should come with a breathalyzer.
i think Hostess Pat can drink me under the table.
got to hear great stories about how the Fighting Neighbors (who verbally sparred each other in the yard both this morning and during dinner) are so kind to each other that Pat actually thought the man's name was "Tucker!" for years. His real name, she came to find, is Julian.

Craigslisted all evening, in preparation for apartment perusing in the cit-ay tomorrow. i'm enjoying living in los altos, but feel like i'm missing out on getting familiar with the city.

stace is FINALLY in town, hoo-ah!

looking forward to saturday night: san fran edition.

until then... feed the birds, toppins, toppins a bag...

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Holly said...

just re-enacted the "oh my god. communion" morning experience, minus you as my co-star. oh sunday mornings.